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Ceramic Fiber

NINGTEX heat insulation ceramic products including Ceramic fiber yarn, ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber sleeve, ceramic fiber tape, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber modules, ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber felt, ceramic fiber bulk, ceramic fiber pouring materials and so on.
  • Applicable Standards: Ceramic Fiber Blanket is a new kind fire-resistant heat insulation material with white colour. Without any bonding agent, good tensile strength, tenacity and fiber structure can be kept while using under the normal and oxidation condition.
  • NINGTEX provide all kinds of ceramic fiber board, adopting corresponding blowing fiber (ST, HP, HAA, HZ) as the material, are produced by vacuum formed technology. Do not only possess the same, function of fiber, but also have hard texture, excellent toughness and intensity, and excellent fiber resi...
  • Ceramic Fiber Bulk is a spun ceramic fiber, without lubricants. High-temperature stability, low shots content, low heat storage, low thermal conductivity.
  • Ceramic Fiber cloth coating by aluminum foil in one or both sides. Glassfiber or metal wire reinforced are also on request. Ceramic fiber with aluminum used as heat insulation curtain, large area thermal insulation.
  • Ceramic fiber cloth weaved from ceramic fiber yarn. Reinforcement by glassfiber and metal wire. It is featured with heat insulation and high temperature protective materials in all kind of thermal insulation and heat-conducting system. The ceramic fiber contain a certain amount of binder materials. ...
  • Ceramic Fiber Module is made from pre-cut brother blanket stack bonded and squash to form a module with cut edges exposed. Without bindes. Within low bulk density, low thermal conductivity, resistance to heat-shock and airspeed eroding, high mechanical strength, safety within anchor, easy installati...
  • Ceramic Fiber Paper uses ceramic fiber spraying cotton and is made through washing and adding bonding agent under vacuum condition. They have high intensity, good flexility and strong scissoring performance and the idea material for producing high temperature washer, airproofing, heat insulation.
  • Ceramic Fiber Lagging Rope within fiberglass braided mesh outside, the over braided mesh can be both open mesh and close mesh. Inside filled with cut strip of ceramic fiber blanket. Ceramic fiber lagging rope with low density. It is en excellent substitute of asbestos rope.
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